How to create your first link

Written by Colin Chadwick
Updated over a week ago

To create a new link, login to your site and go to Social > Dashboard.

Entering the destination URL

If you click on the button add link, you’ll be prompted with the following modal:

You can then either search your site or directly paste the URL you want to lead your new link to. Social automatically shortens the entered link – if you want to use a custom slug for the new link, you can do that by clicking use a custom slug. Furthermore, you can also protect your link with a password. Click on next if you’re ready for the next step.

Adding details to your link

In the next step, you can add a name and a description to your link. If you scroll down, you also have the opportunity to decorate your link with an icon, background image or animation. The latter settings only apply if you want to list your link on the link landingpage. Click on next to continue.

Publishing your link

You now have three options to choose from: You can either directly publish your link on your link landingpage, you can make the link public, but dont list it on the landingpage or you can schedule your link.

Social automatically shortens your links. If you choose to make your link public, but don’t list it on the link landingpage, you can copy the shortened URL of your new link to your clipboard and share it with your audience. You can always change these settings later, Social is a completely flexible system. Learn more.

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